In the Shadow of His Wings

This kid had never expressed any affection toward me. It was not that I felt he was longing for affection, that he ever needed a hug or a playful jostle of the hair. He is a happy kid, a tough kid, enjoys soccer and having fun. And for the most part, yesterday he was that same kid…except for a few moments. It caught me by surprise, a small head tucking himself underneath my arm. For a second I thought he was maybe just trying to use me as shade from the sun, in which case I didn’t mind. It was a very hot morning and I was longing for some shade as well. But as the morning progressed I continued to feel a little head making it’s way underneath my arm. I soon got the hint that this boy was just looking for someone to hold him a little closer that day. Maybe he had a rough week or maybe he was just a little tired that day. Or maybe he was thinking about the mom he never got to grow up with or the mom he wished he had. I don’t know the reason but I got the hint and in a small way, certainly not the same way, but in small way I could relate.

Today is mother’s day. My mom has been gone for three years now but the deep longing for her embrace does not escape me. Her friendship, her wisdom, her voice, her love is missing from my days. Yet, those moments are missing from my life only because at one time I had the opportunity to experience them. I have wonderful memories of my mom that I hold and cherish and can take with me throughout the rest of my life. What do I do with a little boy who has had no such memories? As far as I know, he has a good life, surrounded by people who love and care for him, even as a mom should. But they are not his mom. I wonder if he misses what he should have had. Does he see other kids with their mom and wonder what his was like? Or does he question the situation at all? Maybe he just lives the life he knows and on the days when he needs a little more affection, he finds a loving arm that he can rest his weary head under. The beauty of this picture is that God knows our need for affection; “He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.” (Ps.91:4) I cannot answer you the question of why this boy grew up without his mom, what I do know is that God longs to give him the deepest affection, to hold him close, to show him that he is loved. I pray one day this boy will experience this love…a love that goes even deeper than a mother’s embrace.

As for today…well, my mom is resting her head under those strong and loving arms...and for that I will celebrate her life.

Happy Mother’s Day

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