Meet the Team

Our team is small. We are all very different from each other. We all come from different places and backgrounds. Billy and I come from the U.S. but from opposite sides. Yet somehow, God brought us together as one and now we live in Thailand. Yohei is from Japan and his favorite sport is baseball. But God brought him here to Thailand to coach soccer. He met his wife here. Her name is Ant and she is Thai. Sanan comes from Burma. Sanan was taken as a very young boy to serve in the Shan army. God rescued him out of the army and brought him to Thailand where he serves God here with us. Oom is also from Burma. His family fled to Thailand as refugees when Oom was just a boy. Thailand is where Oom grew up and Thailand is where God has called him to live and to serve. And then there is Ayaka and Brett and Jack. God has called them all here temporarily. Ayaka is also from Japan. God has given her a desire to use Sports ministry in Japan but for the next two years He has called her here to Thailand where she serves with contagious passion.  Jack is currently a college student at Messiah College where he plays soccer for the school team. Last year, his team won the national championship. Jack loves people and for a few months God called him to love the people of Thailand. In a couple weeks Jack will go back home to finish school and to continue serving God through soccer. And last but not least, we have Brett. Brett is Billy’s younger brother. Brett also played soccer for Messiah College and has a passion to continuing playing. But for right now, God has called him to use his gifts as a coach to serve the kids here in Thailand. At this time, this is the team of people God has brought together. We don’t always get along, but we love each other. One of us may fall, but someone is there to help them up. When one is weak, another is strong. If someone is sick, another cares for them. If someone wanders away, another will find him and bring him back. We are brothers and sisters, we are family. We’re all unique, gifted, a little strange, sinful, beloved children of God who are called here to Thailand for a single purpose; to love God and to love others. We do this in many different ways but under one name only, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, we are just a strange group of people hanging out in Thailand. With Him, the impossible is possible, the weak are strong, the team is complete, and our purpose is worth the journey.

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